Program Overview

Another Summer with COVID-19 

It is unfortunate, but once again, COVID-19 will affect our plans for a normal summer. The good news is that we have a better understanding of how to operate safely and fluidly.    As such, I have designed the program into two distinct parts: a core 9-week program and a supplemental program dedicated to on-course play.  Should we have to delay the start or shutdown, we will extend the lessons into August and September. 


Program Format

The Revised 2021 Junior Summer Series will operate as a nine-week program, consisting of three modules. Each module divided into two sessions on the range and one session on the golf course. The following chart outlines the schedule of curriculum:

Age Limitations

For safety and quality, I have decided to limit groups to 4 participants with one coach. My concern is that we cannot manage larger groups safely. Furthermore, the smaller class size provides better coaching for each participant.

Sadly, I am concerned about managing the social distance of younger children; therefore, I have decided to limit participation to ages seven and older. I will make an exception to families with multiple children in the same session.


Online Registration

Online Registration will open on Monday May 10 (8:15 pm). Once again this season, we will coordinate everything through our website and the PunchPass system. All Registration is first-come, first-serve.

Program Cost

One Rate for Everyone 

$25/session x 9 sessions = $225 plus HST ($29.25) or $254.25

Each enrolment in the 2020 Junior Summer Series includes the following:

  • 1 x spot for a Series of 9 sessions
  • Make-up Session Vouchers for missed classes 
  • 1 x Family PlayerPass (9 Holes Riding) — $69.90 Value

I have decided to hold the pricing from 2020.  Although Golf is one of the few outdoor recreational activities available during COVID, I do not feel that it is fair to inflate the rates.


Discounts for Multiple Children

In an effort to help keep the cost of participation affordable, the following discount will apply to those families with multiple children enrolling:

1st Child – Period Registration Price — No Rebate
2nd Child – Period Registration Price — Less $25 (Rebate) + $3.25 (HST) = $28.25
3rd Child – Period Registration Price — Less $50 (Rebate) + $6.50 (HST) = $56.60
4th Child – Period Registration Price — Less $75 (Rebate) + $9.75 (HST) = $84.75

I plan to distribute all rebates as an e-transfer once the registration period is complete.

Referral Bonuses

I will gladly rebate $25 for each successful referral of a new client.  Unfortunately, siblings are not eligible for a Referral Rebate. A Referral Rebates will be given only after a successful enrolment and payment.

I plan to distribute all rebates as an e-transfer once the registration period is complete.

Get in Touch

(416) 884-7139


Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri — 7:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday — 7:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday — 7:00 am – 8:00 pm

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