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Our goal is to encourage more people to play golf

Over the course of the last seven years, PlayerPass has helped us encourage more people to play golf.  We recognized the value of small packages of Passes.  Our strategy is to offer affordable Passes without having to make a large commitment.  Today we have over 325 Pass Holders who plan to visit us at least five times a season

This page is dedicated to answering common questions

This page (PlayerPass FAQ: straightforward questions and answers) is specifically dedicated to answer many of the common questions asked by customers.  If you are unable to find the answer, feel free to reach out to us using the links at the bottom of this page. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I purchase PlayerPass?

Each September, we release a limited quantity of the PlayerPasses to our current Pass Holders.  They have the first opportunity to purchase their Passes for the following season.  In October, we release any remaining Passes to new customers.  Once we sell all the Passes, no additional passes are sold until the following season

How many Passes are released each season?

Historically, Mayfield releases between 4,000 and 5,500 Passes each year.  In August, the Board of Governors meets explicitly to determine the number of PlayerPasses that will be available for sale.  Historically, the total number of passes divides into three categories:

    1. 750 x Weekend Passes (Valid before 9:00 AM and after 11:00 am Weekend and Holidays and anytime Weekdays)
    2. 3250 x Weekday Passes (Valid anytime weekdays and after 1:30 pm on Weekends and Holidays)
    3. 1000 x 9 hole Passes (Valid only when a 9-hole course is open for play)
How many Passes can I purchase?

The number of Passes available to an individual or group is directly tied to two factors:

    1. The total number of Passes available for sale; and
    2. The number of passes an individual previously purchased. 

Consider the following example:

A group of four players purchased 120 passes in 2019.  The group intends to play a total of 200 rounds in 2020.  In order for the group to purchase the additional 80 passes (20 passes each), they require special permission from the Management group.  

PlayerPass is designed to offer savings to as many customers as possible.  The restriction on passes ensures two important things:

    1. Mayfield does not oversell the PlayerPass program; and,
    2. Mayfield prohibits customers from hoarding passes from fellow Pass Holders. 
Are there additional incentives to purchase Passes?

For the sake of simplicity, our Pass price is our incentive. We price according to when Passes are purchased, regardless of the quantity.   

Can I use a Pass for a guest?

PlayerPass is entirely shareable; therefore, we encourage pass holders to share their passes with friends and family.

Between how many people can a block of Passes be split?

We permit passes to split among four players.  

Can I use a Pass to pay for a tournament?

Unfortunately, we do not permit Passes as payment for a tournament fee.

We are a couple, can we share our Passes?

The new PlayerPass system simplifies booking and check-in for couples who regularly play together.  Buy your Passes together share them from a joint account.   The new system saves a significant amount of time and headaches.

I am part of a regular foursome. Can we purchase PlayerPass as a block?

Mayfield designed PlayerPass specifically for foursomes that regularly play together.  We encourage groups to purchase a block of passes and divide the passes among each member.   Each member is given an account and access to the shared Passes.  When each player checks in, a Pass is deducted from their account.  

The purpose of the shared account is to save time when booking.  Generally, one person in the group is responsible for making all reservations.  This way, the designated person can reserve the tee times, without securing the reservation with their passes.  At check-in the appropriate Pass is deducted from the proper player

Can I split 18-hole Passes into two 9-hole Passes?

Only the full value of a pass is redeemable; therefore, an 18-Hole pass cannot split into two 9-Hole Passes.   9-Hole Passes are available upon request.

If I run short of Passes next season, can I purchase more?

Regrettably, our PlayerPasses program is a limited time offer.  Once we sell the allocated number of Passes, we do not release any additional passes until the following season.  

Am I Obligated to sign the “Release & Participation Agreement?”

All Pass holders are required to sign the Release and Participation Agreement.    There are inherent risks associated with playing golf, and we want to make those risks clear to everyone.  Therefore, to activate your passes, you must complete and sign the RELEASE & PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT. 

In the event that a client refuses to sign the RELEASE & PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT, Mayfield will refund the value of the passes.  An administration fee of $50 (per transaction) will be deducted from any refund transactions..

As a Pass Holder, how can I book a tee time online?

Depending on how you purchased your passes directly affects whether you can book online.  Consider the two scenarios:

    1. If you purchased your passes on our website, you are already set-up to make online reservations.  Log-in to your account and select the date and time you intended to play.  Use your pass to complete the reservation.
    2. If you purchased your passes through our staff member, we will need to finalize the set-up of your online account.  Please reach out to to help you complete the set-up.  Kim will ensure that your account is ready for online booking and happily answer any questions about our PlayerPass system. 

"My husband and I have been playing Mayfield for over 25 years. We used to buy 7-day memberships, but only play on weekends. Now we only buy Weekend Passes. We have definitely saved a lot of money."

Sheila Hamilton

"I like the fact that I only buy what I need. I was never able to get the full benefit of a membership."

Jim Burmaster

"The new PlayerPass system makes it easy for me to book for me and my brother-in-law."

Geoffery Wheatley Age 51

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