Frequently Asked Questions 2022


What is the Start date of the 2022 Junior Summer Series?

The Start Date for the Junior Summer Series is Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Statutory Holidays & Rescheduled Classes

Thankfully there are no Classes this summer affected by Statutory Holidays. 

Why are the classes limited to ten participants?

Class sizes are limited to ten participants due to space and safety concerns.  

Can I keep my kids together on the same day/time, even though they are different ages?

Absolutely! We respect that it is a challenge to coordinate multiple kids with multiple schedules. We will do our best to keep families together. I have added additional coaches to accommodate families with multiple children. Should you be unable to reserve a spot for your children’s’ spot through our booking system, please contact me directly  at I will do my best to accommodate your family. 

How do you accommodate Rain cancellations?

We have planned for upto three weeks of make-up sessions.  Dates will be added to the programs as required.

Do you offer make-up sessions?

Everyone deserves a reasonable opportunity to receive the fair value of their enrolment fee. Therefore, I will continue to offer make-up sessions for all participants.  Should you miss a date, you can either join another class or make an arrangement for a make-up session. For the sake of simplicity, please make all make-up session arrangements through your coach.

Do my kids require additional PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?

Recent changes to Peel Health guidelines no longer require Masks or other forms of PPE. Participants are encouraged, however, to wear masks when entering the clubhouse.

What are some of the focuses of the Program?

There are four major focus points of our Junior Summer Series. They are:

Focus One: Fundamental Motion & Skills

  1. Heavy Emphasis on the small swings developing to full swings
  2. Pitching and Mid Irons
  3. Hybrids and the Tee Game

Rationale: We play Golf with more than two clubs; therefore, it is essential to understand how to approach each club differently.

 Focus Two: Basic Functional Exercises

Functional Exercises are a critical component of establishing a solid foundation for a proper swing motion—including balance, posture and rotation.  

Rationale: Most young athletes are unaware of correct posture and balance; therefore, carefully selected functional activities will complement the necessary skills to play Golf safely and efficiently.

Focus Three: Emphasis on “Best Behaviour”

Golf is more than a sport about how well one score. Instead, Golf is an evaluation of one’s true character.  

Rationale: Most Golfers have never been mentored adequately as players; consequently, poor behaviour on the course has become the norm. By including messaging about Respect, Safety, Speed of Play, and the Basic Rules of Golf, we will help our developing golfers become Good Golf Citizens.

Focus Four: On Course Play

We have included regularly scheduled play on course as a component of our Program.

Rationale: Instruction and Play are symbiotic components of active learning. Let’s face it, everyone wants to play more, and I am happy to offer this unique component to our Program.

What happens if it looks like rain on the day of my scheduled session?

For the sake of simplicity, unless otherwise told, sessions will continue as per the schedule. All session cancellations will occur well in advance of a scheduled “session.”

How do you accommodate a statutory Holiday?

Thankfully, this season does not have any Holidays that will affect the Junior Program.    

    What equipment should Program participants have?

    Complete sets are not necessary, especially for new golfers.  Consider the following suggested equipment needs:

    Ages 7 & 9; 

    • Golf Bag
    • Short Iron (9 or PW), 
    • Mid Iron (7 or 8 Iron), 
    • 5 Hybrid or five wood 
    • High Loft Driver: 12 – 15 degrees
    • Putter

    Ages 10 & 11; 

      • Golf Bag
      • Short Iron (9 or PW), 
      • Mid Iron (7 or 8 Iron), 
      • 5 Hybrid or five wood 
      • High Loft Driver: 12 – 15 degrees
      • Putter 

    Ages 12 & 13; 14 – 17 (a complete set or the following alternatives)

      • Golf Bag
      • Irons: 6, 8, PW & SW or 5, 7, 9, PW & SW, 
      • 5 Hybrid and five wood 
      • High Loft Driver: 12 – 15 degrees
      • Putter 

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