This page provides links to videos that I created to help you navigate the PunchPass system. The videos explain everything from how to create a login, cancel a reservation and book a make-up session. As situations arise, I plan to add more videos to simplify this process.

PunchPass significantly simplifies the way we (coaches and parents) communicate. There is no need for additional phone calls and emails. A quick click of a button will send a message to your child’s coach regarding their attendance. You missed a class, no problem, and the PunchPass system provides you with a pass to book your make-up session.

PunchPass is just that easy!

How to Create a Login

In this video, I explain how to create a log-in to the PunchPass system.

How to Cancel a Reservation

In this video, I explain how to cancel a session in PunchPass.

How to Register Multiple Participants for a Lesson

In this video, I explain how register multiple participants in the PunchPass System.

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