PlayerPass helps golfers save and share more.

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What is PlayerPass?

Why do most golf courses only offer memberships–mainly when most people cannot afford the time and money to justify the expense?  Even worse, those courses that sell small quantity green fee packages attach a long list of restrictions, blackouts and hidden fees.  

How often have you seen a $25 18 hole green fee that requires a $30 cart?  Even worse, why do most golf passports have obscure playing times like “Mondays between 2:00 pm and 2:05 pm?”  Unless you are adept at reading the fine print, “great deals on green fees and golf passports” are not always great deals.   

We believe that most people are looking for simple, straightforward savings.  They do not want to buy 200 passes to save $5 every time they play.  PlayerPass is designed to require less upfront commitment and offer the savings to make it worthwhile.  After all, we wouldn’t be Caledons Mom & Pop Golf Club if we didn’t stay true to our goal and help keep golf affordable.

PlayerPass is an alternative to golf memberships.  Our passes are simply a prepaid green fee or cart fee.  PlayerPass offers significant savings on our regular rates without having to buy large quantities of Passes.  We sell Passes for Weekdays, Weekends, and Nine-Holes–ideal for a wide range of budgets and preference in playing times. 

Since Mayfield first opened its doors in 1978, our goal has been to encourage people to play more golf.  Shareable Pass packages are our way of keeping true to our founding principles.   

18 Hole weekday Pass Pricing 2023
2021 9 Hole PlayerPass Pricing (green fess and carts)

Who Benefits from Passes?

If you play our course regularly, you should consider PlayerPass.   Buy a book of passes now and lock in our very best rate for the season.  No gimmicks, fine print and hidden fees.   PlayerPass helps golfers save and share more.

What are my privileges?

Pass Holders receive two spectacular privileges. First, reserve your tee times two weeks in advance–one week ahead of the general public. Second, PlayerPass is entirely shareable.  Why not use your Passes to treat your family and friends to a round of golf?

How do the Passes work?

PlayerPass is a cloud-based pass-tracking system wholly integrated with our business systems. Purchase your Passes online, have your passes validated, and you are free to start booking and sharing your Passes.

What does PlayerPass cost?

We sell PlayerPass directly through our website.  Create an account, purchase your passes, sign the participation waiver, and we will contact you to activate your passes.  Once you have active passes, you are free to make reservations and bring guests.  Save & Share with PlayerPass  

How can you purchase Passes?

Unlike most Pass programs, we have elected not to base the pricing on how many Passes you purchases.  Instead, we structure our pricing on when you purchase the Pass–regardless of the quantity.  Buy your Passes early and save more.  

How many Passes are sold each season?

We recognize that many Pass programs oversell–making tee times nearly impossible to book. For this reason, we “hard cap” the number of PlayerPasses we sell.  Historically we release between 4,000 and 5,500 passes each season (approximately 11% to 16% of our total rounds).   The restricted number of Passes, and the preference in booking tee times, ensure that Pass Holders avoid unnecessary headaches searching for times to play..  

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"My wife and I share our passes with friends and family."

James Notley, Age 32

"Our regular foursome has a block of passes. Booking tee times online is now quick and easy."

Sandra James, Age 41

"PlayerPass provides the savings of a Membership in a shareable Pass form."

Geoffery Wheatley Age 51

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