About Us

A Brief History…

In the late summer of 1978, Mayfield opened its first 6 holes. We humbly began with open fairways and trees sparsely scattered over the terrain. What stood out then is still our pride: our greens are always receptive. By the fall of 1979, our first 9 holes were completed, and by the summer of 1986 we were ready to open our 18-hole course. We vividly remember the day we opened the completed course. Gordie stood proudly on the front steps of the clubhouse, as much as to say he had accomplished his dream. The picture on our scorecard recreates that moment in time. If you look closely at the front rail, when you visit our clubhouse, you will see the years of wear from Gordie’s arm.

The original front 9, now the Red Course, is sprawled over open terrain. Those once sparsely scattered trees now define the boundaries of their fairways. The Red Course plays the easiest of all three courses, but it also presents a number of challenging par 3s to keep even the best of players honest. Over the years’ Gordie’s three favorite holes on this course became 7, 8, and 9.  We remember Gordie coaxing us to play with him in the summer twilight. This coaxing remains a tradition to this very day.

The original back 9, now the White Course, is the most picturesque of all three courses. In particular, the final three holes track through the heavily wooded valley. A fan favorite is the 7th hole white. This elevated par 3 provides a beautiful panoramic view of the valley. In the early evening, when the ground is slightly warmer than the air, a light mist creeps over the ground. If you are willing to take a few moments to enjoy the sunset, this is a wonderful place to escape.

The new nine, our Blue Course, is completely different from the architecture of the original two courses. This nine sits geographically higher than the other two, which lets the westerly summer winds affect it more—challenging players to keep their shots low to maximize control and distance. The greens are elevated, and the fairways defined by large mounds. Among the most challenging holes are the 5th and 6th—two great back-to-back par 3s. In particular, the 6th hole challenges good players to play a left to right shot shape: the only reasonable approach to attack the well protected back right section of the green.

We are very pleased to offer courses that are suitable for all levels of play. We continue to invest in the shape and quality of the facility such that you can enjoy your round and our country hospitality.

Our Key Players

Gregory De Laat, CGSA-A, OGSA

Superintendent of Greens

Gregory “Greg” DeLaat has been a central architect of Mayfield long before opening our doors in 1978. His extraordinary work ethic, creativity, and persistence have transformed rocky, barren farm fields into the golf course you see today. Above all, Greg’s driving leadership style is that he views himself as part of a larger team. He places the utmost value in the critical management roles of both his brothers Paul and Chris, and the entire Mayfield staff.

Greg has led various large-scale projects over the years. These have included land acquisition, development, zoning and compliance, and the design and construction of our Blue Nine. Greg’s counsel is in demand by his professional peers’ for his unique ability to build, create, and execute impressive projects within a variety of budget and resource challenges.

His creative solutions and extensive skillset are a primary reason why Mayfield has stayed in business for more than forty years. This ability has manifested in some peculiar ways over the years. From time to time, he’s done things such as design a bulldozer from spare parts, and turn a 1950’s tractor into a marine motor for irrigation. For Greg, this is a welcome break from spreadsheets, meetings, and operations duties. In addition to his family, Greg takes pleasure in mentoring young employees, mechanical engineering projects, and traveling to new places to explore golf facilities, wildlife, and conservation practices.

Christopher de Laat. CPGA, PCS

Director of Operations

Christopher de Laat understands that happy customers become life-long customers.  With over 30 years’ experience as a Golf Professional, Chris works hard to make everyone feel welcome at Mayfield.  Chris oversees all aspects of Customer Service–including business systems, program development, team building, strategic planning and marketing.  In addition to Chris’s business skills, Chris is an accomplished golf coach and manages all of the coaching programs at Mayfield.  Chris holds a degree from the Western University and professional designations from the PGA of Canada and the Professional Club Making Association (PCS).

Kim Niven

Clubhouse Manager

Kim coordinates everything from our Business Systems to Food & Beverage and Event Organization. Kim’s attention to detail and tireless work ethic is unprecedented–even on her days off, she checks-in to make sure we are organized.  Kim fosters an organized and welcoming environment at Mayfield.  Kim is the backbone of our Customer Service at Mayfield.