COVID-19 Update

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020


To our valued Customers,

Recently an employee tested positive for COVID-19. Peel health traces this employee’s exposure and infection to a local Daycare, not our Golf Course. This employee has not been on the premises since Thursday, September 24th and will not be returning until satisfying the timelines outlined by Peel Public Health. Only those Staff who are symptomatic or advised by Peel Public Health requires testing.


We intend to be proactive with this information.

We respect that the news of COVID-19 can create feelings of anxiousness, so we wanted to make sure you had this information as soon as possible to help ease concerns. As a family business, we have decided to be very proactive with communication and assure you that we are on top of the situation.


Mayfield has excellent safety protocols in place.

Mayfield remains safe and will remain open for play. The Clubhouse and Power Carts undergo a thorough cleaning and regular sanitizing part of our enhanced cleaning protocol. Our physical distancing and mask rules also help prevent the spread and lower the risk of transmission. We are in regular contact with Peel Public Health, and they will let us know if any other measures that are needed to reduce the risk of transmission.


By Law, we must protect the identity of the infected employee.

The identity of the person is protected under privacy legislation and cannot be shared. However, keeping you informed is part of our commitment to you. You can find information about that commitment on our website. Please visit Peel Public Health’s web site for details on how they are working in our community to help keep everyone safe.


Final Remarks

Now more than ever, we must take care of ourselves and each other. Our best practice is to follow the advice of public health agencies and government officials. Please review their advice on how you can protect yourself and others from COVID-19.




The Mayfield Management Group

#COIVID-19 Update Mayfield Golf Club,